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Donald Trump

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: My high-school friends and I shared a love of bad movies. We spent many a Friday and Saturday night curled up in front of the kinds of movies that other people only rent by accident. (After turning down several invitations to attend hip, raging parties of course). Our tastes were more particular than you might think, though. For us to become completely obsessed with a bad movie, it had to a very specific type of bad movie: the type where you can’t tell if it maybe thinks it might actually be a good movie.

AKIE BERMISS: Like Molly and her childhood girlfriend, I love camp. I enjoy satire and satire’s ugly cousin: Parody. To me, no matter what the impetus behind the Trump campaigning, its all about parody. The question is a) whether it is parody of elections and politicians in general, GOP politics, or just Trump parodying himself; and, b) is this deliberate?

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