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State of Chris Brown

Jocelyn Hoppa: During the Grammy’s, as Chris Brown accepted his first award, a flood of Twitter comments came from various people I follow, most with the hash tag “#neverforget” following various jokes and/or outright dismay that he would be granted an award after being in the public eye for beating Rihanna’s face to a black-and-blue pulp.

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Rihanna’s New Music Video

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Just so you know for next time, Rihanna, you’re allowed to take some creative license when you make a music video. Just because the lyrics of the song you’re singing describe shooting a man down in a train station, doesn’t mean you have to act that scene out exactly in the music video.

JESSICA BADER: While I generally prefer music videos that are 100% free of gun violence, there’s something about the way “Man Down” is being criticized that bothers me. A lot of the uproar over the vigilante justice depicted in the video for Rihanna’s latest single is centered around it being Rihanna’s video. Somehow, the performer’s status as a survivor of domestic violence is overwhelming the way we see a music video in which she portrays a woman who is sexually assaulted on her way home from a party and guns down her assailant in a train station the next morning. Continue reading

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