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Mad Men: Episode 6 in Review

SONIA BRAND-F When a glistening Don Draper decided to follow Roger Sterling in taking a goofy victory lap around the conference table lined with Life clientele, I couldn’t help but chuckle. Is Draper’s maddeningly depressing lifestyle and outlook finally going to be flipped around by his newly won Cleo award? Well, no, not really, but it was nice seeing Draper smiling again for the first half of the episode. Episode 6 of “Mad Men”‘s Season 4 seemed to be, like Episode 2 in a way, dominated by smaller subplots that acted as vignettes to the ever-changing tone of the episode. Starting Draper high and dropping him low, only to be shot back up again in the elevator in his final flashback depicted the rise and fall of this highly complex character who finally emerged during this episode in a showcase of all sides of the Don Draper that we have come to know.

HOWARD MEGDAL: To me, the essence of this episode was gratitude. More specifically, how often it is misplaced, and in reality, success is a combination of fortuitous circumstances and one’s own cunning. Continue reading

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Mad Men Week 3 In Review

SONIA BRAND-FISHER: When Don Draper drives the young Californian, Stephanie, home from a night at the bar with him and Anna, she nonchalantly states that “Nobody knows what’s wrong with themselves, everyone else can see it right away.” Though Stephanie is referring to the dullness of the archetypal “first-date conversation,” the audience mimics Draper’s head-tilt and applies the thought provoking statement to the newness of Draper’s life as a divorced man. The previous two episodes of the 4th season of “Mad Men” appeared to broadly establish the confused, less elegant lifestyle that followed his, paradoxically, more care-free married years. This episode, on the other hand, forced us to begin to delve into the inner-workings of Don Draper’s loyalties through a dusty, disconcertingly domestic lens.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Like Sonia, I was unsettled by this episode. That is by design, I believe, and unlike Sonia the end of the episode didn’t feel like a resolution of this, but rather a further unraveling. Continue reading

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