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MLB Previews: White Sox, Reds, Indians, Rockies, Tigers

Chicago White Sox
Last Year: 88-74, 2nd in AL Central
CHRIS PUMMER: The White Sox say they’re going “all-in” this season, complete with a corresponding bump in payroll. Setting aside the question of why the team hasn’t been leveraging its…

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The Manny Ramirez Signing

HOWARD MEGDAL: No exaggeration: Manny Ramirez, at one year and $2 million, is the biggest bargain of the offseason. It’s not particularly close.

CHRIS PUMMER: Intellectually, I have to agree with Howard. Emotionally, it’s a little harder. It’s not secret that Ramirez elicits a lot of strong, sometimes irrational reactions from fans — both for and against. I have to admit that I’m in the against group after watching a Sunday night game between the White Sox and Tigers in September of last year. Continue reading

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The Victor Martinez Signing

CHRIS PUMMER Injury and workload concerns mean there’s no such thing as a slam-dunk solution for teams at the catcher position, especially when gambling on a player as old as Martinez. The downfall here seems to be relatively minimal for a big-payroll team like Detroit, and the upside makes it a pretty reasonable gamble.

HOWARD MEGDAL: At four years and $50 million, the Tigers were taking a real chance on Victor Martinez as a full-time catcher. As it stands now, Martinez will be an extremely overpaid DH and 1B, as per Detroit’s plan, with a bit of catching thrown in. And even that assumes he’ll continue hitting in his age 32-35 seasons as he did through age 31- no safe bet. Continue reading

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Austin Jackson: What to Expect

DAN SZYMBORSKI: Austin Jackson’s off to a solid start as Detroit’s centerfielder, hitting 313/371/469 in his first weke in the majors. Is it likely to keep up? In the short-term at least, no.

HOWARD MEGDAL: So far be it from me to argue with the esteemed creator of ZIPS. And based on the numbers, Dan has a far stronger case than I do. But there are a few reasons why I think Austin Jackson could be different than the players who lead to pessimism about Austin Jackson. Continue reading

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American League Central Division Preview

Last Year’s Final Standings
Kansas City Continue reading

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