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Gay Marriage, Cuomo Style

JESSICA BADER: For my parents’ generation, major historical moments always seemed to have the question “where were you when…?” attached. Even for me and my peers, things that took place before online social networking was the all-encompassing force that it is today, “where were you when…?” still mattered. But for recent paradigm-shifting events, that question seems archaic. Following the torrent of tweets and status updates Friday night as New York passed marriage equality reinforced my belief that this was both a huge tipping point and really not a big deal. Continue reading

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Better Positioned for 2016: Hillary or Biden?

HOWARD MEGDAL: Six years is obviously a long time in politics, and could make this a moot exercise. But with few obvious Democrats next in line for a presidential bid, it is worth considering who is better positioned for 2016 right now: the sitting Vice President, Joe Biden, or 2008′s runner-up, Hillary Clinton. The answer, it seems to me, is Biden.

AKIE BERMISS: I would never count out Joe Biden, but I think its fair to say that he’s really a Primary-level candidate. If Obama had never reared his youthful head, Hilary would have soundly trounced all her competition in the Democratic primaries. Biden included. If it really comes down to a battle between Clinton and Biden: I expect the Clinton name, legacy, and political savvy to simply overwhelm the brusque, gaff-iness of Joe Biden. Continue reading

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Obama Tax Cut Deal and the Democratic Party

AKIE BERMISS: Last week’s big political hubbub was the Obama Tax Cut deal. Apparently, it was the straw the broke the camel’s back… for everyone. People on the Left couldn’t stand that Obama had “caved” on the Estate Tax and tax cuts for people making over $250,000 a year. People on the Right were upset because the tax cuts represent a huge deficit expense (it bears mentioning, however, that the Right is often the champion of cutting taxes… so its a big hypocritical craw-sticker there). And the rest of the country was pretty much just confused — and also angry that they are out of work, things don’t seem to be getting better, and nobody in Washington appears to be doing anything about it.

Continue reading

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Joe Lieberman: Hero?

JESSICA BADER: At this time last year, when the legislative grudge match du jour in the Senate was health care reform, the mere mention of Joe Lieberman’s name was enough to make me tense up and start muttering under my breath. What a difference a year makes. In the waning days of the 111th Congress, another key liberal goal left simmering from the last time Democrats controlled both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue was finally realized, and on this Lieberman was not a speedbump but a driving force. As odd and disconcerting as it feels, today Joe Lieberman is a progressive hero.

Like Jessica, I think Joe Lieberman should be commended for his work in bringing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repeal in for a safe Senate landing. But let’s not get hysterical here: when Patty Murray, head of the DSCC, sits down with Lieberman, it should be to let him know the Democrats will be supporting someone else in Connecticut’s 2012 Senate election. Continue reading

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Waiting For Health Care

DANI ALEXIS RYSKAMP: Freshman GOP Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD) put his foot in his mouth the other day by insisting to know why he had to wait 28 days for his health benefits to kick in. But give the guy a break: not only did he lodge his foot in his mouth, but now he has to wait four weeks for his podiatrist to dig it out.

HOWARD MEGDAL: When the liberal media bias nonsense is perpetrated, I often think about stories like these, and how little we hear about them. I guess the theory goes that when a story like this is buried, but Park51 turns into a month-long conversation about whether Muslims=terrorists, that’s just the liberal media covering its tracks? Continue reading

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Olympia Snowe Party Switch: Worth It?

DANI ALEXIS RYSKAMP: Rumors are circulating that Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine may be contemplating a switch to the Democratic Party, or may be being wooed to do so. Unfortunately, I suspect the Dems would simply be getting another Blue Dog who was less helpful than otherwise.

JESSICA BADER: While it’s interesting to speculate about what would happen if Olympia Snowe switched parties, it’s pretty much an academic exercise. In fact, I’d be shocked if any member of Congress were to switch parties over the next two years. Continue reading

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The Decision to Keep Pelosi

AKIE BERMISS: I won’t attempt to wax poetic about all the things that make Nancy Pelosi a great leader. Its all be said and said again. Even Pelosi herself said last week that they reason the GOP hates her so much is because she’s effective. That wasn’t her tooting her own horn. That was just solid fact. Pelosi has been one of the most effective Speakers of the House in years. Certainly the most effective in my generation. I really think both parties would hard pressed to find a better Speaker than Pelosi. Whether you agree with her policies or not — she does her job better than anyone else.

JESSICA BADER: I’m pretty much on board with every point that Akie is making here. It’s not exactly surprising that someone like me, a proud liberal who believes in taking what you can get but only after fighting for as much of “what you can get” as you can, deeply admires and looks up to Nancy Pelosi. What is surprising is one of the arguments made by some who wanted Pelosi to step down. Continue reading

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Election 2010 Predictions

HOWARD MEGDAL: Senate: Republicans gain six seats.
Notable: Reid wins, Manchin wins handily, Buck wins, Toomey wins, Boxer wins by double-digits. McAdams loses heartbreaker to Miller. Murkowski third.

CHRIS PUMMER: I’m not sure about the Senate. I’ve been championing Harry Reid’s ability to survive, Joe Sestak’s ability to come back, and I know Russ Feingold outperformed the polls pretty solidly six years ago. Only Reid doesn’t look like a dubious position right now.

Republicans gain 5 Senate seats (Arkansas, Indiana, North Dakota, Wisconsin by a smaller margin than the polling indicates, and one of CO/IL/NV/PA). Alaska will not yet be decided by the time the next Congress is sworn in.
Continue reading

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A Meek Endorsement: Enough for Crist to Win?

HOWARD MEGDAL: I guess it doesn’t matter- it isn’t happening. Kendrick Meek is clearly in this race until the end. With early voting already underway, Bill Clinton stumping for him, President Obama recording ads- Meek is not leaving this race.

And that’s a shame, since his exit is likely the only way a Democrat wins this seat.

JESSICA BADER: I’ve seen the poll numbers. My nostrils still flare a bit when I think of the special election in Hawaii’s 1st Congressional District a few months ago, where a Republican won a D +11 district with less than 40% of the vote because neither of the Democrats would drop out of the race and throw their support to the other. So why do I disagree so strongly with Howard on this? Continue reading

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Democratic Loyalty

AKIE BERMISS: Last week, after Vice President Biden’s exhortation of the Democratic base, there was great deal of blow back from liberals across the board. I spent nearly an hour on twitter arguing with a friend and fellow-blogger as to whether liberals should or should not abandon the party. Biden was characteristically crass and undiplomatic in his speech and what stuck in many Democrats craws was his demand that we all “stop whining.” While I think that may have been quite possibly the worst way to put it, I do basically agree with the sentiment. Continue reading

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