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The Week in 2012

HOWARD MEGDAL: Ah, so much to discuss. I guess I’ll stick with Rick Perry for a bit.

CHRIS PUMMER: Maybe someone can get Mike Huckabee on the phone. What? He doesn’t what? Jeb Bush then. He said no, too? There’s a message from Bob Dornan. No, he’s not dead yet. Continue reading

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In Briefs: Super Bowl Predictions

JASON CLINKSCALES: I’m not big on posting scores, but since this is the proverbial gun-to-head scenario, I’ll say Indy 31 – NO 24.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Colts 38, Saints 10

CHRIS PUMMER: Saints 126, Colts -7 Continue reading

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Santorum 2012?

CHRIS PUMMER: While Rick Santorum’s high-wattage crazy might attract a few moths, it’s doubtful to attract a huge segment of the GOP base when brighter political lights like Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin or even Sam Brownback wait for conservatives to swarm to them.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Where I think those skeptical of Rick Santorum’s chances of being a factor go wrong is when they point to two groups within the current Republican Party. While one group is fixated on the extreme elements of what make up the GOP, a far larger, rational group understands that Sarah Palin/Rick Santorum politics is the quickest way to a massive electoral defeat.

The problem is, that group doesn’t come close to composing a majority within the Republican Party.
Continue reading

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