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The Dan Haren Trade

JASON CLINKSCALES: While this isn’t exactly Pau Gasol for Kwame Brown and others, this Dan Haren trade has quite a few baseball people upset. It’s understandable when you consider that Haren is a strikeout machine; a somewhat rare thing, even in this resurgent year for pitchers. However, it’s hard to say that this deal will immediately give the will-always-be Anaheim Angels the last piece of the puzzle to grab the Wild Card.

JESSICA BADER: Even with Dan Haren, the Angels most likely will be watching the playoffs on TV this year. Yet that shouldn’t obscure what a good trade this was for Anaheim and what an awful one it was for Arizona. Continue reading

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How Much For Pedro?

HOWARD MEGDAL: The reports are that Pedro Martinez wants a hefty sum of money to pitch in 2010. Those who are skeptical point to the fact that he’s 38 years old, has pitched just 314 1/3 innings since 2005, and is currently inactive as a reason not to break the bank for him.

But when we discussed this among the Perpetual Post writers, I came to the conclusion that if I were a contending team one pitcher short, I’d pay $6 million for half a season. Now, I know that’s a lot. But hear me out.

CHRIS PUMMER: The bottom line is that there are a lot of options, which means it’s a buyer’s market. That means there’s no reason to grossly overpay Martinez to climb off his couch. Continue reading

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NL West Discourse: Dodger Blue OR Diamondback… Red, I Guess?

CHRIS NEEDHAM: While sometimes it still feels like the Manny to the Dodgers extended foxtrot is still going on, he did, in fact, sign. And with that, the Dodgers are likely to return to the top of the division.

HOWARD MEGDAL: While we agree on most of what you said, I do take issue with a few things, particularly your team at the top. I believe Arizona will win the NL West, not the Dodgers. Continue reading

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