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Dale Murphy: HOF?

HOWARD MEGDAL: Don’t get me wrong: Dale Murphy had a terrific career. But ultimately, he had only an eight-year run during which he played like a Hall of Famer, and absent those eight years, wasn’t close to an elite performer. As a whole, that puts him behind a number of players who aren’t in the Hall of Fame, either.

CHRIS PUMMER: To remove a player’s eight best years and say that without them he’s not a Hall of Famer is a silly argument. Nobody is a Hall of Famer without their best eight years. Continue reading

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Baseball HOF Ballot


No Perpetual Post authors will be filling out an actual Hall of Fame ballot, but here is what they think of the candidates up for enshrinement in 2010:

CHRIS PUMMER: Let me just say to start…

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