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Obama and Marriage Equality

Cindy Hill: President Barack Obama finally gave up his poorly-veiled attempt to avoid saying something definitive on the issue of marriage equality, and declared that “personally” he thinks same gender couples should be able to get married. A few days…

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Democratic Loyalty

AKIE BERMISS: Last week, after Vice President Biden’s exhortation of the Democratic base, there was great deal of blow back from liberals across the board. I spent nearly an hour on twitter arguing with a friend and fellow-blogger as to whether liberals should or should not abandon the party. Biden was characteristically crass and undiplomatic in his speech and what stuck in many Democrats craws was his demand that we all “stop whining.” While I think that may have been quite possibly the worst way to put it, I do basically agree with the sentiment. Continue reading

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Haley Barbour For President?

AKIE BERMISS: I think its safe to say that when people talk about the 2012 Presidential Elections the questions on everybody’s lips: Who is Haley Reeves Barbour? Ok, well… maybe not. It much more likely the most people don’t really know or care to know who Haley Barbour. For those that have a modicum of interest: Barbour is the current Governor of the state of Mississippi. He is a life-long Republican who’s first job was a low-level position in the 1968 Nixon campaign. He served as the Chairman of the RNC from 1993 – 1997. He spent much of the late 90s and early 2000s as on the most powerful lobbyists in Washington DC. The guy is about a Republican as Republican gets. He’s southern to the hilt, a former lawyer, and speaks with what might be described as a folksy twang. And all signs indicate that this guy is about to make a bid for President in two years.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Taking aside the aesthetic problems Haley Barbour will have en route to the 2012 GOP presidential nomination, let’s take a look at the political realities he’d face should he mount a campaign. Continue reading

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