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Obama and Marriage Equality

Cindy Hill: President Barack Obama finally gave up his poorly-veiled attempt to avoid saying something definitive on the issue of marriage equality, and declared that “personally” he thinks same gender couples should be able to get married. A few days…

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Glenn Beck’s Rally

AKIE BERMISS: I scoff at nearly everything Glenn Beck does. I don’t like the man, the personality, or the message. I basically detest all that is Glenn Beck. I do think while, yes, being what most Americans would call a liberal. I believe that Beck’s overt message of Christianity and belief in God being requisite to being a true American is a perversion of both Christianity AND America. He is a fool’s fool. And that’s why, while I scoff at him, I worry about the undue influence he has. His ability to motivated hundreds of thousands of people to come out to Washington DC on the strength of HIS being there? That is my greatest worry. And perhaps our greatest failure as Americans.

ALLISON REILLY: Forty years after Martin Luther King Jr’s speech, we continue to quote and to teach his message in schools, in academic papers and in politics. Forty years from the Restoring Honor Rally, we still won’t know how many people attended, what Alveda King said or what Albert Pujols was doing there in the first place. Continue reading

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Prop 8: How the Decision Reads

DANI ALEXIS RYSKAMP: Judge Vaughn Walker’s careful targeting of the Perry v. Schwarzenegger opinion at Justice Kennedy, particularly his citations to Kennedy’s opinions in Romer v. Evans and Lawrence v. Texas, is masterful work – and probably pointless. In its recent opinions, the current Supreme Court has demonstrated that it will do pretty much whatever it feels like, prior opinions be damned.

JEFF MORROW: Judge Walker can’t make the Court do what it doesn’t want to do, but his careful craftsmanship dares them to write a bad opinion. Continue reading

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