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Cynthia Nixon: Gay Is A Choice

EMILY SAIDEL: That the idea of choice and sexuality would raise hackles is not a surprise. What is surprising is that the gay activist community would be so quick to scold someone for telling her personal story. Cynthia Nixon never suggests that sexual preference is a choice for all people; she simple describes her own progression from preferring men to preferring women.

CHRIS PUMMER: I agree that activists shouldn’t scold anyone for their personal choices, but I also sympathize with the position of some that Nixon is clouding the picture by talking about it at all. Continue reading

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The Value of Website Comments

MATTHEW DAVID BROZIK: Does anyone else find comments on Web posts to be, without exception, much more interesting to read than the posts themselves?

HOWARD MEGDAL: No. Almost always, comments remind me why I try not to leave the house.
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