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Bill Maher

CHRIS PUMMER: Bill Maher’s name surfaces more and more these days for the controversial things he says. Is this how he’s staying relevant? Continue reading

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Key and Peele

AKIE BERMISS: Key & Peele is the name of the new Comedy Central sketch program starring the comedy duo Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele airing Tuesdays at 1030ET. It only premiered last week but there’s been a rather effective internet ramp up to the show that, at least from my perspective, made me feel it was necessary to at least check out. I seem to remember this duo from their MADtv days, but I didn’t recall any specific work. However, Comedy Central did a wonderful job of making many of their old sketches easy to find on youtube along with previews for the new show. So at least they didn’t try to hedge their bets.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Like Akie, there were plenty of things I enjoyed about this show. I believe it shows real potential, though sketch comedy pilots tend to have the opposite problem of sitcom pilots. Continue reading

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Review: Sports Show

AKIE BERMISS: For years now, I’ve been an unabashed fan of Norm Macdonald.  Back when he was anchoring weekend update for SNL, I came to know him as the guy who couldn’t stop squinting and never met a dead-pan joke…

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Jon Stewart and His Critics

JEFF MORROW: The vision of “reasonableness” I saw at the Rally to Restore Sanity wasn’t about chastising liberals and conservatives, or freeing ourselves of ideology. It was about ignoring the conflict-driven sideshows that thwart useful discourse, and it was about regaining perspective. The need to fit it into a left/right box shows how ingrained these habits are. Continue reading

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Stand Up Comedy: Theory, Practice

TED BERG: I’ve done a lot of standup comedy. The girls on my floor Freshman year convinced me to enter a contest at college and I won it, and then spent the next two years doing semi-regular shows opening up for the acts that came to campus.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: You know you’re watching too much stand-up comedy when you start to think, “I could do that!” Lately I’ve been spending my afternoons watching cable at the gym, and the stand-up comedians I’ve been watching on Comedy Central makes it look all too easy. Continue reading

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