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Modern Family: Season 4, Week 7 — “Arrested”

KIP MOONEY: Well, that was an interesting experiment while it lasted. After spending the first part of the season without Haley, she’s now returning to the Dunphy house, having been kicked out of school.

See, Haley got caught underage drinking,…

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Modern Family: Season 4, Episode 6 – “Yard Sale”

KIP MOONEY: My apologies for not being able to cover the installment I was most excited about this year: the Halloween episode. Season two’s “Halloween” stands as one of the 10 best episodes the show’s ever done, and…

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Modern Family: Baby on Board – Season Finale

KIP MOONEY: Now that’s a season finale! If only the Modern Family writers could churn out scripts like this. This season especially has shown their tendency to peak around holidays and sweeps and coast the rest of the time. But…

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Modern Family: Disneyland

KIP MOONEY: You know there’s a problem with a show when the one episode featuring all the characters in the same location is the season’s most disjointed and inconsistent.

Aside from The Simpsons, I’m usually not a fan of sitcoms’…

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Modern Family: Planes, Trains & Cars

KIP MOONEY: This week’s installment was just a great, low-stakes bit of comfort food. There were no big speeches or anything that was howlingly funny. It was just a consistently chuckle-filled half hour, and sometimes sitcoms need those.

After Lily…

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Modern Family: The Last Walt

KIP MOONEY: My apologies for not getting last week’s review up. Technical difficulties, and that was totally on me. Anyway, after rumblings I heard this morning from friends and family about this week’s episode not being up to snuff, I…

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Modern Family: Send Out the Clowns

KIP MOONEY: Tonight’s episode suffered from a classic case of Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen. The script is credited to three of the show’s writers, and that leads to a very fragmented half-hour. The problem was not laziness, which…

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Modern Family: Leap Day

KIP MOONEY: Tonight’s episode featured every character acting like a drama queen. You can imagine how grating that would be.

For some characters, this is just an extension of who they are. But having everyone get to this level, many…

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Modern Family: Virgin Territory

KIP MOONEY: With so many plates juggling this episode, you’d think a few would fall down just like Cam did. But everything was handled so beautifully, I’m still in a little bit of awe.

Do I wish Phil would have…

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Modern Family: Aunt Mommy Review

KIP MOONEY: Watching the latest episode of Modern Family – yet another winner in my book – I couldn’t help but be reminded of one its all-time greats, “Our Children, Ourselves.” That’s for two reasons: both revolved around Cam and…

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