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World Series Preview

HOWARD MEGDAL: The Rangers have answered every question I have about them. And still, despite being the clearly inferior team, I think the Giants are going to win their first world championship since moving to San Francisco.

CHRIS PUMMER: I think they Giants will prove they are just as good as the Rangers when they win in seven games. Continue reading

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Cliff Lee: Sabathia Money?

HOWARD MEGDAL: As Monday night’s performance showed once again, Cliff Lee is one of the game’s finest pitchers. By pitching so well in the ALCS, against the Yankees, Lee has probably driven up his market value to the equivalent of CC Sabathia, who signed a seven-year, $161 million contract with the Yankees a few years ago.

Whichever team makes that commitment to Lee, I believe, would be making a huge mistake. Continue reading

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New MLB Calendar Rules

MIKE SILVA: Very rarely do we use the term “little guy” when it comes to pro athletes. In baseball the average player earns about $3 million dollars a year, making it difficult for the common man to relate to the issues that face a majority of ballplayers. In reality the new MLB free agency rules are one of the rare times the needs of the lower wage player are put ahead of the big name free agents.

HOWARD MEGDAL: For those of us who root for teams not in the playoffs, the offseason has already begun. Our October has come, and it merely serves as a conduit to next April and renewed hope. So anything that speeds up the process allowing our favorite teams to, in theory, improve, is fine by me.
Continue reading

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The Downfall of the Mariners

MIKE SILVA: The Seattle Mariners offense has been bad. So bad that every National League team has outscored them. Going into games of August 10th, the M’s have averaged 3.25 runs per game. At that pace, they will score 527 runs which will be the fewest for an American League team since Detroit scored 591 in 2003. That year the Tigers nearly broke the Mets’ record for losses in a season when they went 43-119.

CHRIS PUMMER: Perhaps going all-in on defense was the best way to go into this season, given the personnel and resources the Mariners had on hand. But the swings in defensive performance can be so wild from year to year, it wasn’t worth banking the team’s postseason hopes upon it. Continue reading

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The Cliff Lee Trade: Too Much?

HOWARD MEGDAL: Don’t get me wrong: as pitchers you can acquire for two-and-a-half months go, Cliff Lee is about the best there is. But the Rangers paid too much for a rental, and saved the Yankees from paying way too much for a rental.

CHRIS PUMMER: Six year’s from now, the Mariners’ side of the ledger might seem lopsided, but unless Lee gets hurt between now and November, it won’t be. Not only will the Rangers have taken their best shot at winning a World Series, but the team should go right back to building more long-term player value, starting by collecting the draft pick compensation they’ll receive should Lee leave for another team.

That’s part of the balancing act that most teams must complete if they’re going to win a title. And it’s why both sides look like winners in this trade. Continue reading

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Josh Johnson: How Good Is He?

CHRIS PUMMER: While Josh Johnson is definitely an ace, I think it’s still hard to place him too deep in the discussion of who is baseball’s best pitcher.

Josh Johnson is 26, healthy, and pitching as well as anyone in baseball. With his current performance, and all his key indicators trending upward, he’s got to be in the conversation for the best 3-4 pitchers in baseball this season moving forward. Continue reading

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How Much For Pedro?

HOWARD MEGDAL: The reports are that Pedro Martinez wants a hefty sum of money to pitch in 2010. Those who are skeptical point to the fact that he’s 38 years old, has pitched just 314 1/3 innings since 2005, and is currently inactive as a reason not to break the bank for him.

But when we discussed this among the Perpetual Post writers, I came to the conclusion that if I were a contending team one pitcher short, I’d pay $6 million for half a season. Now, I know that’s a lot. But hear me out.

CHRIS PUMMER: The bottom line is that there are a lot of options, which means it’s a buyer’s market. That means there’s no reason to grossly overpay Martinez to climb off his couch. Continue reading

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Indians: Unlucky or the Residue of Design?

HOWARD MEGDAL: Chris makes a number of valid points, but I see his top line as proving the essential point: a team that managed to identify, and trade for, so many good young players to complement their homegrown talent is unlucky to have gotten a single playoff appearance out of it. And I continue to be amazed at the regression of the players from that 2007 team.

CHRIS PUMMER: What’s awful for Indians fans is that when a title was within reach, the team refused to stretch any more than it did to grab it. Instead Cleveland waited for good luck to carry it to a title, and it didn’t happen. Continue reading

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Cliff Lee and Spring Training Suspension

JESSICA BADER: I’ve given up on trying to discern any consistent policy in the enforcement of baseball’s beanball rules, but even as accustomed as I am to seeing ejections and suspensions get handed down or not seemingly on a whim, what happened in Tucson last week takes the madness to a whole new level. Mariners pitcher Cliff Lee received a five-game suspension to be served once the season begins for throwing at Diamondbacks catcher Chris Snyder during a spring training game. Yes, a regular-season suspension for throwing at (but not actually hitting) a batter during an exhibition game. This is truly absurd.

CHRIS PUMMER: Just because the final score of a Cactus League game won’t be represented in the final standings doesn’t mean the penalty should be any less stiff for Lee exercising reckless retaliation throws in an attempt to prove how macho he is. Continue reading

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2010-2013 Phillies Outlook

CHRIS PUMMER: I think it’s still hard to say the Phillies aren’t a better team right now going into 2010 and 2011 than they would be without Roy Halladay.

For me, the odd part about dealing for and signing Roy Halladay is the unnecessary risk involved. Continue reading

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