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MLB Previews: White Sox, Reds, Indians, Rockies, Tigers

Chicago White Sox
Last Year: 88-74, 2nd in AL Central
CHRIS PUMMER: The White Sox say they’re going “all-in” this season, complete with a corresponding bump in payroll. Setting aside the question of why the team hasn’t been leveraging its…

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MLB Divisional Series Preview

HOWARD MEGDAL Here’s the secret about the Yankees: none of their biggest names had star-like seasons. Robinson Cano was the clear offensive leader, with his 142 OPS+, and guess who was second? Not A-Rod, not Teixeira, not Jeter certainly: Nick Swisher. And while he had a good season, his 130 OPS+ would have ranked sixth on the 2009 Yankees, just ahead of 2009 Swisher and 2009 Hideki Matsui.

MIKE CUMMINGS: My whole point about all this, and the only reason I got into this discussion in the first place, was to say that the entire Major League Baseball postseason is little more than a crapshoot. There, I said it. As such, I hereby defer my power of prognostication to my dog, Callie, who will pick the winner of each series based on which treat she picks out of which hand. Continue reading

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New York Mets: Where’s the Optimism Line?

HOWARD MEGDAL: For me, the baseball season is a time for optimism. And with the New York Mets, my favorite team, just 3.5 games out of the NL East lead and 4 games back of the Wild Card, it would seem like fantasizing about a postseason in Queens would be easy.

However, with the evident holes in the roster, and an inability to fix them, here is what it will take for me to start considering a serious future that includes playoff tickets.

ZOË RICE: Oh Metsies. It’s so easy to be lulled into optimism, believe it or not, when expectations have gotten so low. A ten-game win streak! Takahashi and Dickey out of nowhere baffling some of baseball’s strongest lineups! A shut-out sweep against the division-leading Phillies! Hey now…hold the phone, please…they might actually win this thing.

And then the team goes on the road. Continue reading

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Perpetual Post NL Central Preview

Perpetual Post writers Howard Megdal, Jason Clinkscales and Chris Pummer deliver a rundown of how they see the National League Central Division shaping up this season. Continue reading

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The Phillies, The Big Red Machine, and All Time Great Teams

CHRIS PUMMER: Three straight pennants and two titles would be impressive if the Phillies could pull it off. But it would probably still leave them plenty short of matching the Big Red Machine’s legacy.

DAVE TOMAR: Of course, the 35th best club in Yankees history probably competes pretty well with most Phillie rosters of the past. But in reality, the current Phillies are also not particularly far away from being considered as among the best teams in NL history. It is with this contention that I may have ignited a little bit of a controversy with my colleagues during this week’s debate. To my perspective, the threshold for all-time great teams begins with two World Series victories. Continue reading

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Baseball Winter Meeting Reactions: Day 4

Perpetual Post authors analyze and discuss the rumors and transactions from the MLB Winter Meetings. Continue reading

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