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In Briefs: 20 Percent Think Obama Is Muslim

HOWARD MEGDAL: Honestly: does this matter? Aren’t these the same 20 percent who weren’t going to vote for him anyway?

JESSICA BADER: It matters in the sense that most of the people who think that also think very bad things about Muslims.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Right. But if that 20% who conflate the two are harsh critics anyway… Continue reading

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Lost: Week 13

ZOË RICE: We have four episodes left, and about a gillion characters’ stories to wrap up. Lost has officially entered high octane mode. Gone are the days when one episode would follow one character and, in flashback or flashsideways, unveil something either subtly revealing or wildly unexpected about that familiar character. Now the whole cast’s involved, and they’re meeting willy nilly, and we have no choice but to keep up.

TED BERG: Perhaps the crappiest episode in the history of Lost, I think. Nothing really happened in “The Last Recruit” — at least nothing all that interesting. Sawyer wants off the Island. Jack clashes with Sawyer. Shocker. Continue reading

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