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Oscars Liveblog: Highlights

JOCELYN HOPPA: Alright, kids. It’s the 84th Academy Awards. I’ve got a bag of bold party Chex Mix and a sharpened tongue… let’s do this. Who will win? What will they say? What pills will they have ingested beforehand? It’s thrilling. Please feel free to pontificate on the finer (and not so finer points) of this annual film celebration in the comments section below, as it’s really all just commentary. Continue reading

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They’re Remaking Death at a Funeral?

AKIE BERMISS: What could possible sounds worse than a remake of a movie called “Death At A Funeral”? I’m honestly not sure. I admit to never having seen the original movie in its entirety. In fact, I’ve actually never seen most of it. And I’ve been rather happy with things being that way for now. Its strange because I’m actually a big fan of British humor and the first movie is, after all, an English affair. Still, never really be able to work up the steam to sit down and watch the damned thing. And that is made even more curious in light of bizarre fact of the matter being that I actually own a copy of the DVD. I actually could, if I wanted to, simply sit down and blaze through the movie in a matter of hours. But I haven’t. And, probably, I never shall. For the simple reason that I’m highly suspicious that its a piece of utter rubbish.

Akie is correct- I take no issue with the remake of a particular film, though I do believe this practice highlights an utter lack of imagination in Hollywood. Rather, it is the remake of a film so awful, with all the particular aspects of what made the original terrible still intact. Continue reading

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