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Bill Maher

CHRIS PUMMER: Bill Maher’s name surfaces more and more these days for the controversial things he says. Is this how he’s staying relevant? Continue reading

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In Briefs: BP

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Is BP really claiming that it is impossible to measure how quickly oil is coming out of a broken pipe?

Have they heard of physics? Do they thus not know how much oil they have when it’s flowing through a working pipe? WTF.

AKIE BERMISS: well Molly, maybe they’re talking about particle physics. like quantum mechanics style. and they’re saying you can’t measure how much oil is coming out of the pipe at any given moment because, you know, by observing it you change the nature of it. like, if we leave it alone, its possible — through the uncertainty principle — for there to be no oil coming out of the pipe at all. as soon as we try to measure how much oil coming out, then oil IS coming out.
MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Also, since oil and water are both elements and both come from the Earth in some way, if you think about it in a philosophical Zen way, at some point those elements will become one, because of the nature of the universe, so really why are we even worrying about this?

AKIE BERMISS: isn’t that exactly what Rush Limbaugh said last week? Continue reading

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In Briefs: Sports Events and Relationships

HOWARD MEGDAL: I used to judge relationships by how the Mets played during them. One girlfriend had something like a .580 winning percentage, which mitigated against her being a terrible girlfriend.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I seem to recall you having a rule that certain people at Bard were not allowed to hang out in your dorm room because when they did, the Mets tended to lose.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Wait, that’s really misstating things. There was one person, and twice she walked into the room immediately before a walkoff hit by the other team. What choice did I have? Continue reading

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Best Fifth Starter in Baseball: Red Sox Trio/Sean Marshall

Will Boston’s three-headed moster of Clay Buchholtz, Brad Penny and John Smoltz combine to be baseball’s best fifth spot in any team’s rotation, or can the Cubs’ Sean Marshall carry the mantle? Continue reading

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