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Violent Video Games

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: While videogames used to consist of primitive and unrealistic characters in fantasy lands, I’ve slowly watched them develop into first-person shooter games that are so realistic they frighten me for the future.

JEFF MORROW: Violent, gory video games were a fine and fondly remembered part of my childhood and my teen years. Though they had a big impact on the way I feel about videogames, they have almost nothing to do with the way I feel about violence.

EMILY SAIDEL: I share Molly’s aversion to violent games. It’s not the genre or style of game play I enjoy. I find the current ad for Code of War: Black Ops, in which peoplein every day dress (notable for being mix-races, mixed-gender, and almost all adult) walk around the war environment shooting at each other disturbing rather than enticing. However, when asked “Can you really tell me that the experience of playing a videogame in which you rampage around shooting other people happens in a vacuum and has absolutely no influence over the way in which a child thinks of violent behavior and its consequences?” I can provide an answer. Continue reading

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