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Katy Perry’s Breasts and Sesame Street

KATE KOWSH: Admittedly, Katy’s Perries were kind of on display during her recent controversial play date with Elmo. But did it really need to become issue number one on the shit list in the national conversation on decency standards for children? Perry didn’t strap on a pair of letter ‘p’-shaped pasties and straddle the Sesame Street pole. She wore a costume. Yes, it was revealing. But she looked lovely.

HOWARD MEGDAL: While Katy Perry’s attire on Sesame Street couldn’t be considered traditional, I fail to see why it should cause any more consternation than if she arrived on set wearing a funny hat. Continue reading

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First Birthday Party

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: The idea of throwing any kind of lavish celebration for a child’s first birthday seems excessive to me. Yes, it’s an exciting milestone, and it’s certainly an occasion that should be spent with friends and family…but does it call for ice sculptures?

HOWARD MEGDAL: If one-year-olds weren’t meant to have elaborate, lavish birthday parties, why do they make baby tuxedos? Continue reading

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Chone Figgins: Good Free Agent Bet?

CHRIS PUMMER: Teams in need of a third baseman with payroll room should be more than willing to take a chance on Figgins at his rumored asking price.

HOWARD MEGDAL: I think the argument is pretty simple: Chone Figgins has a career OPS+ of 99, and is entering his age-32 season, making it likely that it will go down over the life of a contract that covers, say, his age 32-36 seasons. But at current level even, Figgins simply isn’t worth a 5 year/$50 million, no matter what position he plays.

HOWARD MEGDAL: fdsafdsa fdsafdsafsd. Continue reading

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Blackberry vs. iPhone vs. Neither

AKIE BERMISS: I love my BlackBerry. And I have loved it since before I even laid hands on it. I have claimed, throughout these blogs, to be both a geek and snob; both a lover of gadgets and a lover of arcane media; a champion of progress but a devout advocate for simplicity. So yes, I’m a bit mixed up. Certainly — And who ain’t? But when I first saw the BlackBerry I knew I had found a friend. For the BlackBerry, above all things, is a smarthphone/pda/gadget that’s just a little bit mixed up.

JILLIAN LOVEJOY LOWERY: I think I’m in love with my iPhone. I really do. I never knew it could be like this – I’m not tech-savvy, I don’t know what half of the features actually do – but in the approximately 81 hours since I purchased this little wonder, I have fallen deeply, unequivocably in love.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I will readily admit that I have spent little time fondling either a Blackberry or an iPhone. And I don’t really have anything against either one—yet somehow, my ambivalence comes across to devotees as a thrown gauntlet. Yes, your iPhone is neat. Yes, I’m impressed by the ingenious App you just downloaded for free. I’m sure it’s already saved you lots of time. Look how quickly you found us a local restaurant. ENOUGH ALREADY. Continue reading

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