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How Worrisome Is the Philadelphia Bullpen?

DAVE TOMAR: Of the many nagging injuries which have turned the revolving door to the Phillies’ bullpen, the most troubling is Brad Lidge’s broken brain. Moments ago, Lidge suffered his 11th blown save of the season against the Florida Marlins, with the sight of another mediocre team celebrating a dramatic walk-off victory beginning to feel a lot like a chilling portent of things to come.

CHRIS PUMMER: The bottom line is that the Phillies will succeed or fail with what’s carried them to the playoffs. If the best offense in the National League keeps scoring runs and a strong rotation fronted by Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels pitches deep into games, the bullpen will be but a footnote in the run to a second-straight World Series win. Continue reading

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NL East Discourse

DAVE TOMAR: Divisional games promise to be compelling this year and, as the season wears on, loaded with post-season implications. With the Phillies and the Mets, the NL East has two teams with a legitimate shot at the pennant. The edge goes to the team that’s already been there.

HOWARD MEGDAL: I think Dave makes perfectly reasonable picks. However, the reasons I pick the Mets over the Phillies are several-fold, and I disagree with some of his basic assumptions. Continue reading

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