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Josh Johnson: How Good Is He?

CHRIS PUMMER: While Josh Johnson is definitely an ace, I think it’s still hard to place him too deep in the discussion of who is baseball’s best pitcher.

Josh Johnson is 26, healthy, and pitching as well as anyone in baseball. With his current performance, and all his key indicators trending upward, he’s got to be in the conversation for the best 3-4 pitchers in baseball this season moving forward. Continue reading

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Indians: Unlucky or the Residue of Design?

HOWARD MEGDAL: Chris makes a number of valid points, but I see his top line as proving the essential point: a team that managed to identify, and trade for, so many good young players to complement their homegrown talent is unlucky to have gotten a single playoff appearance out of it. And I continue to be amazed at the regression of the players from that 2007 team.

CHRIS PUMMER: What’s awful for Indians fans is that when a title was within reach, the team refused to stretch any more than it did to grab it. Instead Cleveland waited for good luck to carry it to a title, and it didn’t happen. Continue reading

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World Series Preview

HOWARD MEGDAL: Like Dave, I believe those who are calling the World Series an easy win for the Yankees are mistaken. The Phillies are a skilled team, strong defensively, with a lineup to compete with the Yankees and even some good starting pitching.

The Yankees, however, are better and have the home field. I suspect that is too much for even a strong Philadelphia team to overcome.

DAVE TOMAR:Robin Roberts, the Hall of Fame Phillies pitcher who faced off with the Yankees as a member of the Whiz Kids during the 1950 World Series, once said that there were only four things he hated: Michigan, Notre Dame, Russia and the Yankees. Personally, I’ve got nothing against Russia. Continue reading

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