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Smash: First Two Episodes

ZOË RICE: I came to Smash with mixed expectations. On the one hand, I’m a sucker for a musical number, and before Glee became unbearable I was an early fan. A new TV show with the promise of awesome – dare we hope Fame-like? – musical numbers meant at least a tingle of excitement. On the other hand…theater people. Don’t get me wrong; to use the cliche, some of my best friends are theater people. But man, some of them can be pretentious. And inauthentic. And so “on” all the time. Would the Smash characters be just like that?

JESSICA BADER: I’ve been excited about Smash ever since that day last year when I decided to sit down and watch the trailer videos for all of the new network TV shows. A show about the making of a Broadway musical? With original songs from Marc Shaiman? What’s not to like (other than the whole not-premiering-until-February-sweeps thing)? Yet, I can’t help but feel like both the show and what’s expected of it are a bit too much. Continue reading

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Grease Revival

AKIE BERMISS: There are some parts of the American artistic institution that you really just shouldn’t touch. Something were done right the first time and they need no further tweaking. I think it is a position usually reserved for a sort of middle ground. Before something as become an antiquated text or historical document — when its just a classic. For me, when something gets old enough (and if it was great to begin with) then, in the right hands, it can start to thrive under re-interpretation.

JESSICA BADER: This near-mythical original Grease seems like a far more interesting show than the worldwide blockbuster we know and love. I’m thrilled that there will be a production of it in Chicago, and I’m hoping that it eventually makes its way to New York. Continue reading

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Pee Wee Returns: Dream or Nightmare?

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I would like to think that I am at the age where I can appreciate Paul Reubens in a semi-ironic way, despite the fact that in the early 1980s his show, Pee Wee’s Play House, was the stuff of nightmares for me.

KIP MOONEY: Pee-Wee Herman was always my host of choice as a kid. Barney was too silly and Mr. Rogers was too straight-laced, but Pee-Wee was the perfect TV icon for me: mischievous but never out-of-control. Continue reading

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In Briefs: Enron the Musical

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: “Enron” the musical closed on Broadway and lost $4m.

Read the BBC blurb here.

Iro-ny! Continue reading

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