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David Berkman, Self-Portrait Review

AKIE BERMISS: My first admission has to be simply that I am not some huge David Berkman fan.  I’ve known of him for quite some time and I’m always really pleased to hear him, but in the crush of trying…

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New Brad Mehldau Album

AKIE BERMISS: Jazz can be an esoteric music style. Especially in the last few years, its become harder and harder to find jazz albums that can reach across to the public at large. So frequently the instrumentation, the musical material and even the recording/mixing techniques demand a certain amount of study and familiarity from the listener. And so there are very few jazz artists who, when they release a record, have the potential to affect music across several lines of genre and taste. But if I had to pick one it’d be Brad Mehldau.

HOWARD MEGDAL: For me, Brad Mehldau often found a sweet spot between what is customarily thought of as jazz and classical music, with many little highlights throughout this album. Continue reading

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