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Domonic Brown Prospectus

DAVE TOMAR: Brown has been hounded not just by the imposing stats that Werth takes out of town with him but by the immediacy of success enjoyed last year by top prospects like Atlanta’s 21 year-old Jason Heyward, Florida’s 21 year-old Mike Stanton and San Francisco’s 23 year-old Buster Posey. While Brown’s upside remains high, he didn’t come out of the box fully assembled like these other guys. Fortunately for the Phillies, there are a few perfectly capable ballplayers lined up and itching to prove themselves as everyday players.

CHRIS PUMMER: Dave is right. The Phillies’ season won’t be made or broken by what Brown can give them above and beyond what the other spare parts laying around could if assembled properly. But all things being equal, they’d rather have the chance to see now what Brown can do for them. Continue reading

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Dodgers or Phillies?

HOWARD MEGDAL: From the moment Philadelphia’s starting pitcher exits the game, excitement and fear will course through every Phillies’ fan, and justifiably so. Some are picking the Dodgers because of this flaw. But I like the Phillies in the NLCS because their starting pitching, offense and defense is good enough to overcome their bullpen.

CHRIS NEEDHAM: The difference in this series comes down to what Casey Stengel knew best: the platoon advantage. LA has the lefties it needs to neuter (or at least bring down to size) Philly’s big bats. Continue reading

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How Worrisome Is the Philadelphia Bullpen?

DAVE TOMAR: Of the many nagging injuries which have turned the revolving door to the Phillies’ bullpen, the most troubling is Brad Lidge’s broken brain. Moments ago, Lidge suffered his 11th blown save of the season against the Florida Marlins, with the sight of another mediocre team celebrating a dramatic walk-off victory beginning to feel a lot like a chilling portent of things to come.

CHRIS PUMMER: The bottom line is that the Phillies will succeed or fail with what’s carried them to the playoffs. If the best offense in the National League keeps scoring runs and a strong rotation fronted by Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels pitches deep into games, the bullpen will be but a footnote in the run to a second-straight World Series win. Continue reading

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Brad Lidge: Stay OR Go as Closer?

DAVE TOMAR:With the lanky dominance of Ryan Madson drawing justified ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhhs’ from observers, the thus-far brilliant 8th inning specialist may well be the closer of the future. But in a season 50 games deep, far too many people think that his time is now.

At the risk of sounding self-righteous, show some goddamn respect. Brad Lidge was the game’s most important closer last year.

HOWARD MEGDAL: But there are a number of warning signs. If the Phillies want to be in the best possible position to win a third straight NL East title, Lidge may not be the man to close games. Continue reading

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