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Obama’s Not Angry Enough?

AKIE BERMISS: I’m not sure when it became the role of everyone on television to tell the President how to react in every major situation he faces, but that’s be come the norm these days and I’m getting sick of it. Admittedly, the last administration was so chock full of idiocy and blank stares that it often times seemed they were waiting to hear what people thought their reactions should be. And I’ll be the first to admit it: the Obama administration is not perfect. But NO adminstration is. And this constant critiquing of every moment of every day is getting so damned ridiculous its nearly laughable.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I get that President Obama is angry over the oil spill. Of course he’s angry! How could anyone who has heard or seen anything about the situation not be angry? What I don’t understand are the news editorials which complain about the president’s level of anger. Apparently there are those who feel that he doesn’t seem angry enough. As though somehow, if the President reaches the right level of rage, he will give a mighty roar, split his suit jacket and transform into a flaming pillar of wrath, which will then fly down to the Gulf of Mexico and tie BP’s gushing deep-water oil pipe into a pretzel, saving humanity from itself. Continue reading

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Rand Paul: What Now?

JESSICA BADER: I don’t think the Civil Rights Act flap will directly hurt Paul much in his quest to succeed Jim Bunning – Paul’s senatorial ambitions are more likely to be directly hurt by other comments he has made. That being said, I could easily see the Civil Rights Act controversy hurting the GOP outside of Kentucky.

DAN SZYMBORSKI; Rand Paul getting the nomination is definitely one of the weirder things in recent years, no doubt reinforcing the notion that we are going to be witnessing one of the strangest election cycles in memory. Continue reading

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In Briefs: BP

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Is BP really claiming that it is impossible to measure how quickly oil is coming out of a broken pipe?

Have they heard of physics? Do they thus not know how much oil they have when it’s flowing through a working pipe? WTF.

AKIE BERMISS: well Molly, maybe they’re talking about particle physics. like quantum mechanics style. and they’re saying you can’t measure how much oil is coming out of the pipe at any given moment because, you know, by observing it you change the nature of it. like, if we leave it alone, its possible — through the uncertainty principle — for there to be no oil coming out of the pipe at all. as soon as we try to measure how much oil coming out, then oil IS coming out.
MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Also, since oil and water are both elements and both come from the Earth in some way, if you think about it in a philosophical Zen way, at some point those elements will become one, because of the nature of the universe, so really why are we even worrying about this?

AKIE BERMISS: isn’t that exactly what Rush Limbaugh said last week? Continue reading

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