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Brittney Griner: NBA-bound?

HOWARD MEGDAL: I believe a woman will play in the NBA in my lifetime. I see no reason to believe all of the varied skills that can lead a person to the NBA are inaccessible to women. Whether it is a sharpshooter with quick release, a freakishly tall center, let alone significant strength, that a woman could possess some of these skills at an NBA level strikes me as a matter of when, not if.

JASON CLINKSCALES: A shot-blocking, rebounding, 6-foot-8 presence with a penchant for dunking? It sounds like an amazing NBA prospect, but more so, it’s might be the dream basketball player to take the women’s game to another level. Brittney Griner certainly fits the bill. And while the YouTube legend she built in high school may have started conversations of her playing with the men in the future, she’s really letting her offensive game grow in her first collegiate season with the Baylor Lady Bears. Continue reading

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