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Technology and Social Interactions

NAVA BRAHE: When we were discussing this topic last week, I jokingly wrote that I was afraid vocal chords might be in danger of becoming extraneous, like skin flaps or a third nipple. It’s downright disturbing how little we actually speak to each other these days.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Today at the gym a woman on the elliptical to my left was talking on a cell phone during her entire workout. Last weekend I attended a wedding, and noticed one of the guests sending a text message, from a pew, during the actual marriage ceremony. I can’t count the number of times I have been at lunch with a friend or acquaintance and have had to sit idly across from them while they took out their phone to answer a call or an email, often in the middle of our conversation.

AKIE BERMISS: Whew! I am so glad we decided to blog about this instead of actually speaking like civilized adults. I think Nava is great, but I disagree with her wholeheartedly when it comes to technology and socializing. Continue reading

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Rude Emails

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Through I have had several different kinds of jobs since college, the common thread between all of them has been email: Lots of it. No matter what my company or position, I usually spend quite a lot of time at work emailing; most of my communication is conducted that way. My unspoken job, particularly when I am in an administrative role, is generally to be responsive to emails, polite, cheerful and professional.

AKIE BERMISS: I guess I’m just too sensitive — I get really heated over rude emails. I don’t like rude correspondence at all. Except when, in some instances when “rudeness” is actually the polite way of saying something. There are situations like that, but I’m getting ahead of myself. I may not have a degree in it, but I consider myself a man of letters (if sometimes those letters are mixed up and jumbled and in the wrong places — well, I can be a man for those letters too) and as such I have keen respect for the written forms. Be they high or low — speeches, lectures, legal argumentation, birthday wishes, religious pamphlets — whatever. And in the more nascent world of written communication that is the internet, I have an even more vested interest in seeing things done properly. And that’s why I get frothing mad at rude, or even rudely constructed, emails.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Here’s who I think gets off easy regarding rude e-mails: old people.

Continue reading

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Sent From My IPhone/Blackberry

JILLIAN LOVEJOY LOWERY: My iPhone, one of my prized possessions, might just betray me. I’m referring to the seemingly-innocuous little sign-off that it attaches to my e-mails, the one that says “Sent from my iPhone.” There are times that I might not want the recipient of my e-mail to know that I’m somewhere other than my office or home – but my stupid iPhone rats me out.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Blackberry and IPhone, as is usually the case with for-profit conglomerate products, do its users an enormous favor by putting the disclaimer "Sent from my..." on the bottom of messages. Continue reading

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Girlfriend vs. Blackberry

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: As I type this, my boyfriend is on the couch, napping blissfully, his Blackberry nestled to his chest. I remember the distant days when I was the one who nestled there, my head resting lovingly against his shoulder, but apparently because I don’t vibrate like a buzz saw every ten minutes to let him know that he’s gotten an email from Sears.com with great deals for Fall savings, he’s traded up.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Face it, Molly: your boyfriend isn’t paying attention to you because you neither have the technological abilities of a Blackberry, nor do you work particularly hard at making up for those deficiencies. Continue reading

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Blackberry vs. iPhone vs. Neither

AKIE BERMISS: I love my BlackBerry. And I have loved it since before I even laid hands on it. I have claimed, throughout these blogs, to be both a geek and snob; both a lover of gadgets and a lover of arcane media; a champion of progress but a devout advocate for simplicity. So yes, I’m a bit mixed up. Certainly — And who ain’t? But when I first saw the BlackBerry I knew I had found a friend. For the BlackBerry, above all things, is a smarthphone/pda/gadget that’s just a little bit mixed up.

JILLIAN LOVEJOY LOWERY: I think I’m in love with my iPhone. I really do. I never knew it could be like this – I’m not tech-savvy, I don’t know what half of the features actually do – but in the approximately 81 hours since I purchased this little wonder, I have fallen deeply, unequivocably in love.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I will readily admit that I have spent little time fondling either a Blackberry or an iPhone. And I don’t really have anything against either one—yet somehow, my ambivalence comes across to devotees as a thrown gauntlet. Yes, your iPhone is neat. Yes, I’m impressed by the ingenious App you just downloaded for free. I’m sure it’s already saved you lots of time. Look how quickly you found us a local restaurant. ENOUGH ALREADY. Continue reading

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