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Papelbon to the Phillies

CHRIS PUMMER: The merits of forking over big money to a relief pitcher are dubious, but if the Phillies were bound and determined to spend that cash on someone to accumulate saves, picking Jonathan Papelbon over Ryan Madson was the right choice. Continue reading

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Philadelphia Phillies: A Little Class, Please? OR Up Yours, New York!

HOWARD MEGDAL: As someone who grew up in the general vicinity of Philadelphia, and had the good sense to move to New York, I still have a certain level of pity for the town with the well-earned title “America’s Fattest City”.

Dave Tomar: Ahh the New York Mets. Is there a classier organization in baseball?

At a time when most New Yorkers were smoking crack, Daryl Strawberry and Doc Gooden had the urbane sensibility to snort cocaine Continue reading

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