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Shaq To The Celtics

KRYSTEN OLIPHANT: Shaquille O’Neal to the Celtics is quite a…treat. I’m not sure it will be so successful on the court, but Boston will certainly get a lot from Shaq on the outside of the game.
BRAD GOLDBACH: Shaq will certainly provide entertainment for the Celtics, but I see this as a move that actually makes a lot of basketball sense for the C’s. I know, Shaq and basketball sense do not usually go in the same sentence these days, but hear me out. Continue reading

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Mitch Albom

SAM BORDEN: So Joe Posnanski recently wrote about Mitch Albom winning the highest sports journalism award in the land and, if you read his blog post I think you’ll probably agree that – whatever you think about Albom – there is no question that Posnanski has far and away passed him (and, in many ways, all the other so-called giants of the industry) in terms of quality.

KRYSTEN OLIPHANT: I had to read Joe Po’s column twice. The first time I didn’t quite catch it — that ingenious way that he made me both despise and respect Mitch Albom all at the same time. But when I reread the piece I realized that Posnanski himself ought to be in line for a Red Smith Award. Continue reading

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Patrick Ewing Trade and Retrospective

STEPHON JOHNSON: Patrick Ewing revolutionized the 5-spot and the Knicks, somehow, are still feeling the mistakes management made in the twilight of his career.

AKIE BERMISS: I grew a Knicks fan in Brooklyn, New York. When I was 11, I played in the local “Junior Knicks” basketball league. I had a Knicks winter coat, a windbreaker, two or three jerseys, and more NYK tee-shirts than I can possibly remember. And every spring, around playoff time, I fell horribly behind on my homework and studying while I cheered the Knicks through their ups and (mostly) downs. I was (and still am) a die-hard Knicks fan. Didn’t matter that we never won a championship — there was always next year. Why? Because there was always Patrick Ewing.

CHRIS PUMMER: While Ewing’s ugly split with the Knicks might seem like the perfect bookend — both for an era when the center’s large talents forgave other roster flaws, as well as the franchise’s current funk — the Hall-of-Famer’s exit was not the first domino to fall in the team’s descent into irrelevance.

While Chris is correct about some poor contracts, none of the three he cites were responsible for roster-clogging disasters that came from the trade of Patrick Ewing. Continue reading

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