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Downton Abbey Review

HOWARD MEGDAL: There was plenty to enjoy in the series premiere of Downton Abbey last week on PBS, though the program itself is less great art and more high-level soap opera, with the feel of “Big Love”, though with the accents, and occasionally the wit, of the far superior “The King’s Speech”.

ZOË RICE: What would the BBC and PBS do without British period dramas? I admit I have probably seen every single one. And here I see more in Downton Abbey than the plot intrigue of a noble family and its estate thrown into turmoil by the loss of its male heirs. The miniseries is Sense and Sensibility meets Upstairs Downstairs, and because it’s set in the 20th century, it’s also a peek into a different kind of turmoil for the landed classes: modernization. Continue reading

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Emmys: Where’s January Jones?

HOWARD MEGDAL: First among these shows is Mad Men, which is, to my mind, the finest program currently on television. And the 16 nominations for Mad Men seem entirely appropriate. However, I am surprised that Elisabeth Moss was nominated for best actress, while January Jones was not. This is not a slight of Moss, who is a terrific actress who does a fantastic job portraying Betty Draper. But moreover, the entirety of season 2 hinged on her acting, and she displayed tremendous emotional depth within the narrow range of outward behavior Betty’s character allows. Moss is not undeserving; Jones certainly belongs there as well.

EMILY SAIDEL: Within what categories should television shows be compared? Should actors in half-hour shows be up against actors who have the opportunity for twice the screen time? Continue reading

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HBO: Just another mediocre network/Still Not TV-HBO!

HBO’s best shows are long behind it.  Now the network needs to reclaim its big ambitions.

JEFF ELDRIDGE: It’s the static, predictable grousing of Nikki on Big Love.  It’s Tell Me That You Love Me‘s conflation of oral…

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