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Online Dating Study

AKIE BERMISS: We’re all very sensitive about what makes us attractive, aren’t we? As a pretty average looking guy (or less-than, depending who you ask!) I’ve always been pretty curious about what an attractive woman could possibly be seeing that would make her want to be with me. Especially with so many better-dressed, better-shaped, better-acting candidates available. I suppose there are all sorts of prickly issues there if you’re talking about male attractiveness in our patriarchal society with a heteronormative bias. Nevertheless, I manage to find admirers somehow. Yet a recent article on Jezebel.com has me reconsidering what I may or may not have been doing right. The article uses female pictures on a popular online dating sight to create an algorithm that correlates levels of beauty to levels of interest from men. And the results are kind of weird.

ZOË RICE: Good gracious, OK Cupid Blog. Do you know how long it took for me to be able to look at a photo of myself and think, “Hey, that’s cute”? “Cute” was that lofty goal throughout my adolescent years and even my blossoming early 20′s. And then I got there. I got to cute! And now you’re telling me that’s not good enough? OK Cupid, are you trying to make us all neurotic freaks?
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AKIE BERMISS: We, twenty-somethings! They speak ill of us. Our youth, our beauty, our unbridled exuberance. They are jealous of us, of course. It was ever thus. To be old is to be cynical — and much of that cynicism is aimed at the young. Of course, dependents are off-limits. Even 18, 19, and 20 are still considered childhood (mostly) in our society. Soon as you his 21 — that magic number — suddenly you are no longer above (or is it beneath, perhaps) reproach. Everybody knows how to do it better and everyone thinks you’re doing it wrong. That’s fine — that’s what being 20 is all about. Gotta let all the old-timers take pot-shots at you.

NAVA BRAHE: For those of you who are of my generation: born in the late 60s, screwed over in the late 80s, prosperous in the late 90’s – until the bottom fell out 2 years ago, you’re probably wondering what all this “emerging adulthood” business is about. Let me put it in a somewhat generational perspective for you, reminiscent of Gilda Radner’s beloved Saturday Night Live character, Emily Litella: “What’s all this I’m hearing about ‘emerging adulthood?” Well Emily, it’s just the 20-somethings’ way of postponing the inevitable; winding up like me.

THOMAS DELAPA:: I agree that generational generalizations can be simplistic and even misleading, but it’s one way (of many) of grappling with and understanding social trends… A lot of what we’re discussing seems to involve the changing American Dream for ordinary workers, young and old, if not its collapse. The financial stress and crushing foreclosures many people are experiencing mirror the monstrous national debt the country is facing. Individuals spent all that money on whatever (SUVs, big homes, home theaters, college, stuff) without thinking about the consequences, betting their home prices and wages would continue to rise. Likewise, the US of A. $1 trillion for a war in Iraq? No problem. Just borrow it. Whatever you do, don’t tax anyone to pay for it. In fact, lower taxes to get (re)elected. Continue reading

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JILLIAN LOVEJOY LOWERY: I’m pretty. I mean, I think I’m pretty. People who aren’t my parents have told me that, unprompted. But am I beautiful? Beautiful enough for www.beautifulpeople.com?

TED BERG: As a beautiful person, I am thrilled that there is finally an Internet dating service that caters to my specific, beautiful needs. Granted, I’m happily married, but it’s great to know there’s now a giant safety net out there for those of us who couldn’t bear the idea of electronically mingling with the unwashed masses. Continue reading

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Conventional Attractiveness

AKIE BERMISS: As an academic and lover-of-knowledge it hurts me to admit this, but we live in an age suffering from too much study. We believe there is nothing that cannot be understood without an intensive study. That all nature’s secrets and all the Universe’s wonders will fall open and tender underneath the fearsome power of our scrutiny. We believe that anything — everything — can be measured. Can be divided. Can be broken down into discreet units that are simply arranged “just so” in the matter and space that is all around us. And this past week we took another step toward the absurdly ridiculous when three researchers from the University of Toronto publish a study claiming to have discovered the “golden ratios” for female facial beauty.

JILLIAN LOVEJOY LOWERY: Traditional attractiveness is hugely over-rated, and I’m not just saying that because I’m bitter that I never got my nose fixed after I broke it. Continue reading

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