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TCU to the Big East

MIKE CUMMINGS: This is a match made in heaven — or in football overratedness. For both parties, this really seems like a win-win situation: TCU gets the automatic BCS bid it has coveted for years, and the Big East, well, it gets probably its new best team. Which isn’t really saying all that much.

CHRIS PUMMER:TCU has done a lot to prove it can sit at the big table with the grown-up teams, including last weekend’s win against Big Ten champion Wisconsin. That means the Horned Frogs would probably would have had a place in line for the BCS buffet wherever they were seated.

It’s the Big East that was in greater danger of starving. Continue reading

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LSU-Florida: What We Learned

KRYSTEN OLIPHANT: I have to say I was completely shocked by the fact that LSU even won that game, much less that they won it the way they did. And maybe Les Miles finally took back the play-calling duties from his clown of an offensive coordinator, Gary Crowton. After all, the Tigers’ offense did finally get moving to the tune of 385 total offensive yards — outgaining Florida by 42 yards — and they were in the game the whole time despite several stupid penalties and turnovers. The fake punt he pulled out at the end of the game wasn’t anything too surprising, considering it’s the same one he ran against South Carolina in 2007, and the last-ditch pass into the corner of the end zone was very reminescent of the win against Auburn that same year.

SHANNON MCCARTHY: If there’s one lesson to be taken after the Tigers stomped on the F in the Swamp, it’s that the Mad Hatter still has his lucky horseshoe firmly in place.

Well, that and maybe Florida should have kept those orange jerseys tucked away a bit longer.

Another thing this game made painfully clear is that their play in the season opener was not the anomaly for the Gators – that distinction instead goes to the Kentucky game. Aside from that one contest, Florida’s offense, especially in the first half, has been a mix between a complete mess and a complete bore. Continue reading

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Boise State: Title Contenders?

SHANNON MCCARTHY: The argument for putting Boise State in the title game was mildly interesting until Virginia Tech lost to the formidable James Madison. Now that feather in the Broncos’ collective cap is not quite as pretty or impressive.

ALEX PREWITT: Walk me for a moment, if you will, down Imagination Lane, while I present to you Team X. Team X has not lost a game in the past two seasons, most recently won the Fiesta Bowl in ’09 and began the 2010 season with 20 returning starters on offense and defense. For all intents and purposes, Team X is a juggernaut, a perennial powerhouse and a certain contender for this year’s BCS National Championship game.

CHRIS PUMMER: While it might not seem fair, that’s life. Earning a high ranking and getting to a title game is about convincing people that you belong.

As long as Boise State is in a weak football conference, it won’t be able to convince enough people. Continue reading

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College Football Top Five

BRAD GOLDBACH: College football is just around the corner. A lot of big name quarterbacks like Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy are gone, and although there will be some new faces taking the field this season, one name stands above the rest: Alabama. Here’s how I see the top five shaking out right now:

ALEX PREWITT: Trot out the goofy mascots and let’s charge through the tunnel, because it’s time for college football season. There’s a jumbled mess atop the preseason rankings, a convoluted pile that doesn’t figure to sort itself anytime soon. Here’s my take on the top five entering 2010-11: Continue reading

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