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Greatest Baseball Video Game: Baseball Stars vs. Baseball Pro vs. MVP Baseball 2005

HOWARD MEGDAL: There’s this great quote from Mary McGrory, the tremendous columnist who passed away a few years ago: “I’ve always felt a little sorry for people who didn’t work for newspapers.”
This captures exactly how I feel about anyone who hasn’t played the game Baseball Stars, created by SNK for the Nintendo back in 1989. The game broke ground in so many ways as to make it not only the finest baseball game by far to that time, but has made those that followed it merely imitators.

CHRIS NEEDHAM: Baseball videogaming peaked in the late ’90s with Sierra’s Front Page Sports: Baseball Pro. Why do dorks like us like baseball so much? It’s the numbers. Yeah, you could spend hours customizing your Butch Huskey into a finely tuned hitting machine, but I want my games to have realistic numbers… and that means I need realistic games, and realistic seasons. And where Baseball Pro took a step it further, for the first time, it meant realistic careers.

STEPHON JOHNSON: In the pantheon of baseball video games, there’s only one that can satisfy casual gamers and hardcore fans alike: MVP Baseball 2005. Continue reading

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