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The Politics of John Boehner’s Tan

HOWARD MEGDAL: This is not to suggest that John Boehner’s tan should have anything to do with his ability to sell his policies to the American people. But it seems like a strange image for the GOP to put forward as it looks for a visual point man in these 2010 elections.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Boehner’s got some nerve. Everyone thinks maybe he doesn’t realize how bizarre he comes across on camera, like the product of an unholy union between a Muppet and a butternut squash. But I’ve come to the conclusion, after some soul-searching/googling, that the man is no fool. In fact, he’s got us right where he wants us. Continue reading

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Babies in Bars

HOWARD MEGDAL: I wouldn’t begin to say that bringing a baby to a bar is a good idea. It is a ridiculous idea. A father who disagreed said this: “I long for adult contact. … I don’t want to be excluded from the adult world.” I say to him: “Get a babysitter. And if you can’t afford a babysitter, you probably shouldn’t be drinking.”

But I also don’t think that having babies in bars is any particular hardship for the people who don’t have children, and oppose rules that keep babies out of bars.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I don’t think that babies should be banned from bars; I’m not sure it’s possible to enforce a law like that anyway. In fact, the occasional quiet tot spending an hour or two in a corner booth with his parents is not a crime, nor does it generally disturb other customers. But such an occurrence should be the exception, and not the rule. Continue reading

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