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Modern Family: Season 4, Episode 10 — “Diamond in the Rough”

KIP MOONEY: Modern Family has a gift for extracting great moments out of unnecessary plotlines. That makes this episode’s title especially true. This episode really only needed one story: Claire and Cam’s dreams of flipping a house from a Rockford Files extra…

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Oliver Perez’s Unfair Treatment

SHARON CHAPMAN: First of all, what is fair?
Toddlers are constantly complaining that things are unfair. It’s unfair that they can’t have ice cream for dinner. It’s unfair that they can’t stay up all night. It’s unfair that they have to take baths. It’s just not right. Toddlers don’t understand that ice cream for dinner will make them flabby and not fit. Staying up all night won’t allow a child to grow properly. And without baths, nobody would want to have the child over for a playdate.

Oliver Perez is a flabby, under-rested, smelly toddler.

ZOË RICE: When Oliver Perez says the Mets are being unfair, he’s actually partially right. Not to him mind you. Perez can complain about unfair treament like Linday Lohan can complain about cameras in her face. Bed, lie in it. Contrary to Ollie’s whining, the Mets are being unfair to the other 24 men on that pre-September roster, to the fans, and even to their own chances of getting something in return for that bloated, ill-conceived contract he carries.

STEPHON JOHNSON: Sorry to play that card, but Oliver Perez, to some Mets fans, is Omar Minaya in uniform. And rememeber the criticism over Minaya’s alleged racial preference? That plays a role as well. Continue reading

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Trading Baby for Beer

HOWARD MEGDAL: Baby for beer.

DAN SZYMBORSKI: That’s really insulting and I hate people like that. What kind of moron thinks a baby is worth 2 beers? Continue reading

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