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NASCAR Dinosaurs

KRYSTEN OLIPHANT: I have to admit I’m surprised NASCAR has hung on like it hashas, but it’s definitely going the way of the gas-guzzling dinosaur. There just isn’t the interest anymore. I’m not sure the reasoning — cost of tickets, cost of travel, lack of interesting characters? But as someone who grew up with a dad obsessed with NASCAR, even I have to admit it’s not what it used to be, as he rarely turns on a race until the last few laps these days.

CHRIS PUMMER: NASCAR will probably continue to occupy the biggest motorsports niche in this country. Just don’t look for it to find actual parity with football, baseball or basketball for the affections of a much greater audience. Continue reading

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NASCAR 10 years after Dale Earnhardt Sr.

CHRIS PUMMER: Of course the NASCAR season began Sunday with its signature event, the Daytona 500. Besides the fact that a rookie racer won it this year, there’s been significance attached because it was at Daytona where Dale Earnhardt Sr. was killed 10 years ago. I’ve been reading about how a lot of people attribute the dip in NASCAR’s popularity and profitability outside of the general economic downturn to the void Earnhardt’s death left among the ranks of NASCAR’s stars.

Was he really such a transcendent figure for the sports? I don’t know that I buy this argument. Continue reading

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