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Dan Uggla’s Contract

CHRIS PUMMER: Dan Uggla is a good hitter and a passable second baseman. Even with a glove that’s not going to remind anyone of Roberto Alomar, he’s well worth the 5-year, $62 million contract extension the Braves just gave him.

HOWARD MEGDAL: A pair of things would scare me about Dan Uggla’s contract- one relative to position, the other merely a factor of age generally. Continue reading

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MLB Divisional Series Preview

HOWARD MEGDAL Here’s the secret about the Yankees: none of their biggest names had star-like seasons. Robinson Cano was the clear offensive leader, with his 142 OPS+, and guess who was second? Not A-Rod, not Teixeira, not Jeter certainly: Nick Swisher. And while he had a good season, his 130 OPS+ would have ranked sixth on the 2009 Yankees, just ahead of 2009 Swisher and 2009 Hideki Matsui.

MIKE CUMMINGS: My whole point about all this, and the only reason I got into this discussion in the first place, was to say that the entire Major League Baseball postseason is little more than a crapshoot. There, I said it. As such, I hereby defer my power of prognostication to my dog, Callie, who will pick the winner of each series based on which treat she picks out of which hand. Continue reading

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Javier Vazquez: 2011 Bargain?

BRAD GOLDBACH: Javier Vasquez is a free agent after this season, but with the way he has pitched for the Yankees this season, you would think that nobody would go after him. But, he would be a 2011 free agent bargain…if he is signed by an NL team.

CHRIS PUMMER: If his velocity and peripheral numbers bounce back, Vazquez might prove to be a value for someone. But that’s only because he’s scaring off the big money. Continue reading

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NL East Predictions

HOWARD MEGDAL: When I set out to write this piece originally, last week, the Phillies looked to me like the clear favorites in the NL East. And even today, six games behind Atlanta and three behind the Mets, that Phillies team would still be a pretty good bet to make up the ground.

But that Phillies team no longer exists. Chase Utley and Placido Polanco are injured, and the implications for the division are immense. Continue reading

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Perpetual Post NL East Preview

Projected 2010 Finish:
Philadelphia Phillies
Atlanta Braves
Florida Marlins
New York Mets
Washington Nationals
Continue reading

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Winter Meetings Review: Win, Lose or Draw

Every MLB team went to Indianapolis last week looking to improve itself. We decide which teams got it done, which teams went the wrong way and which ones remain in a holding patern. Continue reading

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Baseball Winter Meeting Reactions: Day 4

Perpetual Post authors analyze and discuss the rumors and transactions from the MLB Winter Meetings. Continue reading

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Andruw Jones

HOWARD MEGDAL: Seeing Andruw Jones’ decline is still nearly impossible for me to believe.

This Willie Mays of our generation, the center fielder with 10 Gold Gloves and 342 home runs- by AGE 29!!!- signed a one-year deal for $500,000 with the Chicago White Sox. How can he not be worth that?

Or far more than that?

I still remember him effortlessly getting to any fly ball. His ease was infuriating to opponents- but there was an appreciation that someone truly incomparable was on the field.

CHRIS PUMMER: Jones might only be a shadow of his early career glory, but for the money this is a terrific signing for the White Sox. Continue reading

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Oliver Perez vs. Derek Lowe: 2010 and Beyond

CHRIS PUMMER: If Lowe can either regain the feel for his slider, or adjust for not being able to throw it as often, he should be an effective pitcher again in 2010. He’ll still have to keep fighting off age to keep his contract from being a disaster for the Braves. But that he threw almost 200 healthy innings in 2009, while Perez must return from an injury, makes him a better bet to approximate the value of his contract.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Well, Chris and I don’t disagree much about the numbers- Lowe’s down across the board, and turning 37. Whether that is a reason for optimism or not is another story. I think it represents the likelihood that Lowe, fresh off of an 88 ERA+, is likely to be around that or below it for the remainder of his three years and $45 million.

That sets a bar Oliver Perez is likely to clear with room to spare over the final two years of his contract- at half the price of Derek Lowe- $24 million. Continue reading

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Third Place, NL East: Braves/Nationals

Oh, there was a time that picking the Atlanta Braves for third place would’ve elicited laughter.  But then, there was also a time that an episode of ALF would’ve done the same.  Lately?   Not so much.

The Braves have a…

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