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College Football Top Five

BRAD GOLDBACH: College football is just around the corner. A lot of big name quarterbacks like Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy are gone, and although there will be some new faces taking the field this season, one name stands above the rest: Alabama. Here’s how I see the top five shaking out right now:

ALEX PREWITT: Trot out the goofy mascots and let’s charge through the tunnel, because it’s time for college football season. There’s a jumbled mess atop the preseason rankings, a convoluted pile that doesn’t figure to sort itself anytime soon. Here’s my take on the top five entering 2010-11: Continue reading

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Bill Halter and Lessons for the Left

HOWARD MEGDAL: It is entirely too soon to assume that Bill Halter will defeat Blanche Lincoln for the Democratic U.S. Senate nomination in Arkansas. But it is worth watching both his performance against Lincoln, and how he does in November, to get a a sense of this question: how left is too left in red states? And how centrist is too centrist?

JESSICA BADER: Howard, it’s interesting that you bring up Jim Webb as an example of a centrist Democrat winning in a purple or red state. At least in terms of how he presented himself both during his campaign and once he took office, Webb is something of an economic populist. This puts him in fairly stark contrast with Blanche Lincoln, whose centrist or conservative moves have seemed to be less about playing to her reddish home state and more about giving corporate interests what they want (I have to imagine that cutting the estate tax and inserting loopholes in the derivatives portion of financial regulatory reform aren’t exactly hot-button issues for the average Arkansan). Continue reading

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