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SNL: Mick Jagger

ZOË RICE: I wasn’t happy to see “The Lawrence Welk Show,” on the screen, but this (likely final, given Wiig’s exit?) installment was better than most. I chalk it up to 1) Jon Hamm, and 2) Changing…

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SNL: Scarlett Johansson/Arcade Fire

ZOË RICE: Another round of Obama and President Why You Do Sex to Me. We’ve seen this before, and I’m not sure the concept holds up for another go. I laughed in spite of myself the first time. This time I knew what to expect, and not even the strong team of Pedrad-Hader really moved me.

Nor is it their fault. Attention, SNL writers: when the punch line is the same at every point, you will receive diminishing laugh returns. If you repeat such a skit, you’ll get the reaction you deserve. Then again, it isn’t like they had any huge political stories to use, right? Continue reading

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