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Oscar Hosts

NAVA BRAHE: As someone old enough to remember Johnny Carson as an Oscar host, here’s what I propose: Exhume his body, extract some DNA, get a sample from Billy Crystal, Jon Stewart and Ricky Gervais, throw them all into a Petri dish and see what happens. Of course, that’s improbability bordering on lunacy, but all the same, that’s what I got. In a perfect world, the Oscars would go down like this: red carpet parade (presided over by Joan Rivers, of course), the reading off of the award recipients, then the parties. That’s really all you need.

ZOË RICE: Who’s with you, Jon Chattman of the Huffington Post? I’m with you! I’m so with you. Justin Timberlake would be the awesomest Oscar host ever. Hear that, hyperbole haters? Awesomest of all time. Continue reading

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SNL Anne Hathaway/Florence and the Machine


ZOË RICE: I have finally enjoyed something from Abby Elliott: her Rachel Maddow impression. Wiig tickled with her Pelosi expressions–it’s in the eyes.  Kenan was a bit meh, but you know… and Hader should have been a…

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