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HOWARD MEGDAL: As a Newsweek subscriber on my Amazon Kindle, I am a bit of a hybrid between the forces that are crushing Newsweek and those who are keeping it alive. Molly and Jeff will speak more about the usage of the magazine today; for me, an inveterate reader of publications, I find Newsweek unusually well-edited and vital, despite having read about most of the stories in lesser depth prior to coming across them in Newsweek.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I like reading Newsweek. Granted, I’m not passionately devoted to it. I don’t get a tingly feeling every week when I open my mailbox and find a Newsweek waiting for me—or if I do, it’s a minor tingly feeling; below the one I get when I receive the latest Cooks’ Illustrated, but above the one I get when I have no mail. Still, I enjoy reading Newsweek.

JEFF MORROW: I still love print magazines, but I dropped my subscription to Newsweek five years ago. In an internet world, an accessible news weekly may no longer serve a purpose. Continue reading

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The Kindle: God’s Gift to Readers/Irrational Love for Books


Ode to the Kindle

At ten point two ounces, so slim and sleek,

Your easy access library provides

Over two hundred thousand texts to seek–

Physical versions can be cast aside.

With a daily commute I dread the…

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