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Allen Iverson’s Next Stop

ALEX PREWITT: The days of stardom for Allen Iverson seem like little else but a distant memory. Gone are the fadeaway jumpers and swift crossovers, in place are more doubters than ever before. Failure has replaced success for the greatest player under 6-feet in NBA history. The 30-points-per-game seasons are a thing of the past, bumped off Iverson’s legacy in favor of his detrimental four-game stint with Memphis and his stock market-like crash into oblivion.

HOWARD MEGDAL: I believe the grand final move that could rehabilitate the unjustly-maligned career of Allen Iverson could be a move to the New York Knicks. This is predicated on New York also acquiring Carmelo Anthony, of course.

But a team with Anthony/Iverson/Stoudemire would be awfully entertaining to watch. And it could be what Allen Iverson is remembered for. Continue reading

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Allen Iverson’s Return

JASON CLINKSCALES: It’s a work in progress, but despite an energy-sapping loss in his return to Philadelphia, Allen Iverson will get his old new team back in the playoffs this season. It may not be pretty and it won’t propel the 76ers into a magical run into the NBA Finals in June, but considering how weak the Atlantic Division is outside of the Boston Celtics, the addition of Iverson just might be enough to pull the Sixers from the brink of disaster.

HOWARD MEGDAL: My view of Iverson largely dovetails with Jason’s, but a few additional points stand out for me.

For one thing, Iverson’s sense of the moment is undiminished. First possession in, he went straight to the basket, no hesitation, no pass- so much for the Princeton Offense! The same thing happened on the final possession of the half. And I don’t mean this as a criticism- the 76ers need a number one scorer, and one gets the distinct impression that he can still be that player for Philadelphia. Continue reading

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Allen Iverson’s Legacy

STEPHON JOHNSON: Allen Iverson’s career arc marked the beginning and the end of the NBA’s connection to Hip-Hop music and culture. His image will always overshadow his greatness.

HOWARD MEGDAL: I don’t disagree with anything Stephon said, but I just wanted to further clarify the value Iverson brought to individual teams. Keep in mind, I also loved Iverson from his first flash of national action against Arkansas as a Georgetown freshman. He’s in the pantheon of athletes I remember the first time I saw, and for good reason.

Continue reading

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