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Baseball Hall of Fame Ballots

HOWARD MEGDAL: For me, the ballot is filled with deserving candidates.

MIKE SILVA: I would say my ballot uses statistics, intangibles, and the eye test. Although I don’t deny the use of PED’s I don’t penalize since I don’t know enough about pharmacology to do so.

ALEX PREWITT: This year’s ballot has more first-timers (19) than any year since 1991, and thus presents a difficult problem for those voters limited to 10 selections. Obviously, the other issue surrounds the inclusion (or exclusion) of steroid-era players.

CHRIS PUMMER: My hypothetical ballot hasn’t changed much from a year ago, when I gave the rundown of why I was voting for 10 guys. One guy was elected (Andre Dawson), and another guy fell off the ballot (sorry, Robin Ventura). Continue reading

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Bigger Snub: Alomar or Blyleven?

HOWARD MEGDAL: There were many people on the 2010 Hall of Fame ballot I think belong in the HOF. Barry Larkin should be an easy one, with a 116 OPS+ and terrific defense at shortstop. Alan Trammell for similar reasons. Tim Raines for a long career that only pales in comparison to Rickey Henderson. And as Rich Lederer has taught us, Bert Blyleven is a Hall of Famer as well.

None of these oversights were as egrigious as Roberto Alomar, perhaps a top-five second baseman all-time. He’s a Hall of Famer with room to spare.

DAVE TOMAR:only Nolan Ryan ranks above Blyleven in strikeouts, wins and shutouts. I’ll state this again so it sinks in that this guy only has two years of HOF eligibility left. Only Nolan Ryan, who was inducted with a 98.79% vote in his first year of eligibility, has more wins, strikeouts and shutouts than Bert Blyleven. Continue reading

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Baseball HOF Ballot


No Perpetual Post authors will be filling out an actual Hall of Fame ballot, but here is what they think of the candidates up for enshrinement in 2010:

CHRIS PUMMER: Let me just say to start…

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Alan Trammell: Fringe Candidate/Hall of Famer

DAVE TOMAR: Today, the baseball Hall Of Fame elected Rickey Henderson and Jim Rice as the Class 2009 . The former a first-ballot shoe-in and the latter in his last year of eligibility, they make a fitting class together. Left-fielders both, they are simultaneously the first from the position to enter the Hall in 20 years. Falling somewhere down toward the bottom of voting this year was Alan Trammell, a man who commandeered his team for two decades from another position oft-overlooked position. [MORE]

HOWARD MEGDAL: The question isn’t whether or not Alan Trammell is a Hall of Famer. The question is, just how many shortstops already in the Hall of Fame have a better case? The answer is: not many. [MORE] Continue reading

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