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Modern Family: Season 2, Episode 19

KIP MOONEY: I’m going to admit something: Watching Modern Family and reviewing it each week has become like a relationship. And with it seemingly gone every other week, it’s like a long-distance relationship. Even though the honeymoon phase (pretty much…

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Racist Cupcakes

ZOË RICE: I’m stuck on the how. How does this ad make it past ad execs, cupcake execs, glaze execs, focus groups, and people with eyes without anyone saying “Hang on just one sec…” Basically Duncan Hines is saying “Here’s some minstrel flavored cupcakes. Only now we’re calling them hip hop. Enjoy!” Somewhere Aunt Jemima is shaking her kerchiefed head and murmuring, “Now that’s some racism.”

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I would like to second Zoe’s observations, and to add only that I particularly didn’t appreciate that the plain, unfrosted “vanilla” cupcake had no sense of musicality until it was turned, by the use of chocolate glaze, and auto-tune, into a hip-hopping “chocolate” cupcake. Continue reading

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