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Champions League Week in Review

MIKE CUMMINGS: Half of the Round of 16 is complete, and the biggest surprise so far has to be the performance of Tottenham Hotspur. Thanks to Peter Crouch’s first-leg goal in the San Siro, and the whole team’s professional return performance at White Hart Lane, Spurs are among the final eight teams of Europe. One team that won’t be there, and doesn’t deserve a place, is Arsenal. It’s hard to know which fact pleases Spurs fans more. Continue reading

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Champions League Matchday Three

HOWARD MEGDAL: Two games in two days: one utterly clinical, the other filled with excesses not often seen in any match. Each one with Milanese flavor.

MIKE CUMMINGS: Two goals in two halves: One impressive, the other filled with regret not seen since last summer in South Africa. Each one with American flavor. Sorry, Howard, I couldn’t resist. Continue reading

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Champions League In Review

MIKE CUMMINGS: The Champions League’s first match-day. It’s like Christmas three-and-a-half months early, except it actually lasts for two days and, here in the states, we can only enjoy it by proxy. Maybe that means it’s more like the overseas March Madness, six months late. Who knows? Either way, there’s always plenty of excitement, followed by a batch of totally unsurprising results, followed by a wave of sarcasm and anger from me. How did it play out this time? Funny you asked …

HOWARD MEGDAL: No real argument with Mike, though while I agree that Inter lost some players (and Morinho), they also kept a ton of players. Wesley Sneijder, Julio Cesar, Diego Milito… all still there. So the draw to Twente surprised me.
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Champions League Group Reviews

MIKE CUMMINGS: Well, the Champions League draw is complete, which means all the drama in the Champions League is over until the New Year. Between now and December, sixteen teams will qualify for the knockout rounds, and there’s a pretty good chance that a large percentage of the sixteen will be repeat offenders from last year. So why watch? Well, for one thing, Rubin Kazan are going back to the Camp Nou this year, and Barcelona will probably still overlook them. What’s that? Won’t happen again? Oh well — there’s always the chance we’ll get to see JT have a good cry at some point.

AIDAN KELLY: I don’t know about you, but I feel like it’s time to bury deep the clichéd ‘Group of Death’ moniker.

With the media’s desire, born of laziness, to use the phrase after every conceivable draw – whatever the sport — said GODs rarely live up to the hype.
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In Briefs: UEFA Champions League Draw

HOWARD MEGDAL: HERE WE GO! Oh, how do I get the Champions League anthem played whenever I enter, say, the kitchen?

MIKE CUMMINGS: I think you can download that on iTunes, Howard. Just put it on repeat. What I want to know is, if UEFA is going to insist on having this thing in English, why does it seem like the hosts/hostesses are struggling a bit with the language? Continue reading

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