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Gay Marriage, Cuomo Style

JESSICA BADER: For my parents’ generation, major historical moments always seemed to have the question “where were you when…?” attached. Even for me and my peers, things that took place before online social networking was the all-encompassing force that it is today, “where were you when…?” still mattered. But for recent paradigm-shifting events, that question seems archaic. Following the torrent of tweets and status updates Friday night as New York passed marriage equality reinforced my belief that this was both a huge tipping point and really not a big deal. Continue reading

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Better Positioned for 2016: Hillary or Biden?

HOWARD MEGDAL: Six years is obviously a long time in politics, and could make this a moot exercise. But with few obvious Democrats next in line for a presidential bid, it is worth considering who is better positioned for 2016 right now: the sitting Vice President, Joe Biden, or 2008′s runner-up, Hillary Clinton. The answer, it seems to me, is Biden.

AKIE BERMISS: I would never count out Joe Biden, but I think its fair to say that he’s really a Primary-level candidate. If Obama had never reared his youthful head, Hilary would have soundly trounced all her competition in the Democratic primaries. Biden included. If it really comes down to a battle between Clinton and Biden: I expect the Clinton name, legacy, and political savvy to simply overwhelm the brusque, gaff-iness of Joe Biden. Continue reading

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