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The Week in 2012

CHRIS PUMMER: If Tim Pawlenty is finding comfort these days it’s in the fact that the Hindenburg, much like his presidential campaign, wasn’t very high off the ground when it exploded. Continue reading

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State of the Mitt

CHRISTIAN HEINZE: Mitt Romney has been appropriately pegged as incompatible with today’s tea party movement, but unlike in past elections – when he’d probably furiously try to brand his forehead with “Don’t tread on me” tats – he’s got a better sense of who he is, and more importantly, who he can’t be. So the current line on Romney holds true: he’s not suited to 2010’s cycle or today’s climate. At all.

DANI ALEXIS RYSKAMP: Mitt Romney is shaking hands, kissing babies, making endorsements, and dropping money in every state in the nation in a way that suggests he’s in it for the long haul to 2012. Unfortunately, I’m not feeling Romney’s chances for the GOP presidential nomination. He’s a workhorse in a party addicted to, if not Thoroughbreds, at least some well-spruced Clydesdales. Continue reading

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Huckabee: Dead Pol Walking?

CHRIS PUMMER Even if there were many political lessons to be drawn from George W. Bush, the most important is that the greatest quality a politician can have is his ability to carry himself with strength and certainty. What matters here is that Mike Huckabee is not backing down from his decisions.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Mike Huckabee’s Political Career, 1992-2009. Continue reading

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Jon Huntsman: Rising Political Star / Postpartisan Supernova

CHRIS PUMMER: Just weeks ago Jon Huntsman was one of the brightest stars in the Republican sky –- which though admittedly dim still left the popular Republican governor from Utah with a universe of opportunity.

Perhaps a contender for his party’s presidential nomination in 2012, Huntsman’s political calculus has obviously changed after accepting an offer from President Obama to become the U.S. Ambassador to China.

CHRISTIAN HEINZE: Calling Jon Huntsman a “postpartisan supernova” is absolutely right. Whether that’s right for his national ambitions is another matter. Barack Obama worked the postpartisan angle as well as you can, but that was after he’d spent time forming close ties to liberal groups. Once he was safe for the base, he was safe for the general. Continue reading

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