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LBJ, by Caro

AKIE BERMISS: I feel like I should begin with a disclaimer: do not be daunted by the sheer weight and length of the book — it is very much worth reading.  I’ve been carrying around Robert A. Caro’s most recent…

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Politics of Financial Reform

HOWARD MEGDAL: The GOP’s inability to get out of its own way on financial reform has given the Democrats an awfully effective cudgel heading into the 2010 midterms.

CHRIS PUMMER: Everyone wants to stick it to Wall Street, at least if you believe the rhetoric emanating from all corners of populism’s political spectrum. But while pushing aggressive financial reforms might move the needle ever so slightly for the Democrats going into his fall’s election, my impression is the process will seem so abstract to Joe Voter that it won’t yield the huge amounts of political capital some expect. Continue reading

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