Trashiest Thanksgiving Dish

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Can we have a contest for trashiest Thanksgiving side dish?  I will win.  Canned Yams with marshmellows on them, IN YOUR FACE.

AKIE BERMISS:  I don’t think i can beat that! however, we are trying to have an aabaraki (my band) thanksgiving on St. Barths this coming Sunday… and there’s not much American food to choose from.  i may have something truly grotesque.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Did I ever tell you about the Thanksgiving I celebrated at the hippie commune on Maui where the guy introduced himself to me while I was using an outdoor shower? Talk about togetherness.

DANI ALEXIS RYSKAMP:  IT IS ON.  Aspic: leftovers embedded in unflavored Jell-O.  TAKE THAT.

AKIE BERMISS:  Dani — oh god.

CHRIS PUMMER:  On a related note, I was at a gathering where a seafood salad with corn in it was served with roasted beets. Not a great combo.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN:  This Thanksgiving I plan on actually making a salad, to provide guests with an option to eat something that is actually remotely healthy.  I do worry that it’s not going to be touched, in which case it will be more like a hilariously ironic centerpiece.

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